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Getting ready to “LAUNCH” the message……Ladies, how do you fill your cup? How do you take care of yourself so you can take care of others?

The Big Ahavas Yisrael Women’s Project Event is fast approaching and I am praying that G-d blesses our efforts to decrease the distance between his children.

Please G-d, let the Loving Inner Parent speak kindly to all.

Please G-d, let us see how we have so much more in common than that which divides us.

Please G-d, let us learn to nurture Ourselves, so that our Cups are Full to Overflowing,  so we can pour and pour and serve and serve your children with big smiles and full hearts and the joy that can only come from being other centered.

Let these and all the other Self-Nurturance messages be received in open hearts.

Please G-d, one interaction at a time, let us merit to see real change in our homes, and in our community and in the world.

The time is now. Join us!

Liberty/Greespring Jewish Center Sunday, January 13, 2013 7-9pm

Show up. Make the effort. Learn some new tricks. Try them out.

You’re worth it.



New Things I Did in 2012

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So, you asked.

So I’ll tell ya!

Here is a list of some of the NEW things I did in 2012:

PLEASE NOTE:  Tack on “for the first time ever” to the end of every line!

Started running for the first time in my life
Ran first 5K
Started growing hair on my head for the first time in over 9 years. (Don’t ask!)
First respite at beach in years
First trip without children (ALONE) in 19 years
Ran first 8K!!
Learned how to tie scarves and started creatively dressing daily
Got really, really angry
Got really, really sad
Truly forgave another human being
Began a serious recovery effort through 12 step programs
Sought out people I had harmed and made amends
Reunited with emotionally estranged sibling ( Love you, Molli!!)
Called my Father (first the first time ever-yup, applies here, too)
Attended First SIA Retreat
Learned to hear the symphony inherent in nature
New fitness modality: KettleBelling
New fitness modality: Crossfitting
New fitness modality: Body Combat
New fitness modality: Running indoors on Treadmill
New fitness modality: Spinning
Went to a rock concert in another state (hey, hey, Carole!)
Started a baking company (
Made a web site with help from my stepson Zephan and the Dummy books
Made another website. You are on it now!
Began meditating regularly
Confronted childhood molester. (Released enmeshment, GREW UP)
Went horseback riding!
Did a headstand!!
Went back to schoo! (Yoga Teacher Training)

What are you doing to grow?
What’s new and different in your life?
What did you do in 2012 that made you stronger and healthier?

I really hope to hear from you. I’d really like to know!

Be Well,

Mindi Meira


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2013 is HERE!  Happy New Year!  Here’s to the possibilities! Here’s to new beginnings!

So much in life appears complex. And then we see a way to start. To ask a question about it. To get a foothold.  To Begin.

Don’t you love the freshness? The possibility? Me, too!

And to build on my enthusiasm for a brand new year, I am continuing my commitment to do Four New Things a Month.  That’s One a Week. Yowza!

I’ve been doing it for about nine months now, and it’s been, well, interesting. I have really gone outside my comfort zone a lot and I believe that the new experiences have me made younger and wiser!

Did I just say younger? Yes, I did.  Because in order to try new things, I’ve had to break through limiting mindsets, ask embarrassing questions, be willing to feel humiliated and be willing to be treated as a child by individuals more knowledgeable but younger than myself. So, instead of feeling ignorant, I reframed that experience and felt “younger.”

And I’ve definitely become “wiser.” Definitely.  Ask anyone who knew me last year. They’ll tell you. No moss growing over here.

Be More Healthy!  Let’s Do It Together!