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April 2013

Happy Spring!!

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Well, it’s really truly here and I for one am ecstatic!

For an outdoor enthusiast like myself (and my loyal sidekick Schnappsie) Spring is a climatic and visual delight! So, I hope you are making the most of each day, and getting outside to stroll, walk, jog, bat, have a catch, take pictures of the flowers and trees….whatever it is that you gets you out there!


MindiMeira and Schnappsie

MindiMeira and Schnappsie


I had a wonderful experience at Little League practice on Sunday.  After 12 nonstop years of baseball practice with my boys, a new question was posed to me:  “Mom, will you bat? I need practice pitching!” So, no one had ever asked me to bat!  Pitch, catch, volley, drive, bring food and drink, provide jackets, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, find restrooms……. but bat?

So I bat.

And, Oh My Goodness!!

12 years I have been loyal to the game, kept score, cheered, etc,  thought I understood the rules and strategies and emotions. But I didn’t. Not even close.

Because when I hit that ball and I heard the “ki-ching” of contact I realized that I AM coordinated enough, strong enough and daring enough to do it.  Then, I had such an adrenalin rush, and I really got it! Wow!


Hey Guys, Mom CAN Bat!!

If you play, if you connect mind, body and spirit, then you know what I mean.

If you don’t, come on over and play with me! I’ll be in the backyard or at the practice field. Or at the farm or the gym, etc, and you are welcome to join me those places as well!

Horsing around with my boys.

Horsing around with my boys at Skyline Training Stables in Hampstead, MD.

And, we just got back from Modell’s where I got a new glove, bat, balls and batting gloves! Because when this sport  is speaking to me, and I’m going to celebrate that and make sure I have the right equipment. (I was using Peewee’s.)

The New Glove

So, what’s your Sport?

What’s your Fitness Passion?

I want know!!

It’s Spring.

Celebrate with me!