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February 2014

Winter – Incubating 50

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Just found this in my drafts!  Hopefully Winter is almost over…….These were the reflections i jotted down last month…..

It is Winter and I have been hibernating.


A human being. A human BEING.

Less doing.

Stopped running.

Stopped teaching.

Internally searching, quietly, for me.

Incubating, and integrating 50 years on Planet Earth. Each decade a different dance and expression.  All the parts of me taking turns at center stage. Getting to know who I am.

Half a century. Benchmark. Midlife assessment. Goals achieved and others set aside. Wisdom acquired and fool’s folly.

Journals filled, handiwork abounds, degrees acquired, friendships maintained, children raised,

Not going anywhere with this…..cause it’s Winter.

I’m incubating 50.