My Spring Training

By June 16, 2013Uncategorized, yoga

Spring Training…..I thought it would be all about baseball this year….(read last post.)  Boy, was I wrong!!

Two days after I quit Yoga Teacher Training (for no good reason, purely on meditative insight and emotion), my Mother of blessed memory, suffered a massive stroke. With my brave husband’s encouragement (brave because we have several young boys at home and he works) I dropped everything and caught the last flight from BWI to FLL to be by my mother’s side. Eight exhausting days later, she passed peacefully, with her family nearby, in the beautiful atmosphere and setting that is Hospice by the Sea.

It was a month of turbulent emotion and intense familial bonding, to say the least. My sweet Mother will be remembered fondly by all whose lives she touched.

A week after I returned home, it came to me, again in meditation, that I had a great desire to return to Yogali Institute and attain my Yoga Teaching Certificate. My clarity is what was astonishing. There had been a barrier within to even talking or thinking about it and POW, I was emailing the instructor to find out if it would be possible for me to return and graduate with the class.  Luckily, I was welcomed back wholeheartedly by the teacher and my classmates.  I taught my first class to wonderfully positive feedback. And my second!

Looking around my rather large open spaced basement, I suddenly visualized a Yoga Studio. And now I have taught a few classes in that “under-construction” space.  This wasn’t a long-term well thought out plan. Teaching yoga brings me JOY. Teaching Yoga is a gift.

Yoga is the outcome of my Spring Training.

I am so grateful!!


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