Quantum Shift

By June 27, 2017Poems

hearts connected

By MindiMeira
July 2015

Hearts connected
Through it all
No matter the challenge
Whatever the stall

Confused but determined
Undermined by the past
Resentment always hovered
Finally, gone at last.

Together, but
no parts collide
No key to ignite the ride.

A week of clear communication,
Then adored, a bouquet of love
Really long talk about the past
All gifts from above.

Gone the defenses
Free of disbelief
Energetically changed forever
Palpable, the relief.
Calm and relaxed

Settled, it’s nice.
Frantic chase done forever
no more just a roll of the dice.

I’m home.  Free
Here. I’m good.
My Guide, thank you for bringing me
To my Self, knew you would.