Having a Baby?? Congratulations!

Since 2017, MindiMeira is a fully certified Birthing Assistant/Doula

 and Nighttime Newborn Care Specialist

Ready to Support You!

Birthing Assistant/Doula services start at $1750 and include

 Prenatal Consultations,  Labor and Post Natal Consultations

Please contact MindiMeira 443-527-1727 directly to set up a meeting and for referrals.

Tap here to Text Mindi Meira on Mobile.

Overnight Newborn Care Rates

$270/6 hours
$525/ 2 6 hr nights
$775/3 6 hr nights
$360/8 hours
$675/2 8 hr nights 
$960/3  8 hr nights
$50/hr for an extra hour