Are you feeling like you just can’t get ahead?

Sabotaged by yourself?

Blocked or lethargic in work, relationships and overall health and well-being?

Are you in a bad place, headed in the wrong direction and unsure how to get back on track?

It’s time to start enjoying life again.

Do you identify with the image to the left?

Do you want to Break Free From the Mold you are in?

Are you feeling like you can be more authentic?

Do you want things in life but not sure how to get to your goals?

Do you wish you had someone to hold your hand through the process?

You came to the right place!


Coaching Your Authentic Self with MindiMeira

Hi! I’m MindiMeira!

I bet you are wondering what can my coaching do for you?

With me as your coach, you have strong,  yet gentle experienced support,
an inspirational guide to see you through from start to finish. When you hire me,
you will  have someone who will listen to you (the real you) intently,
with searing attentiveness and  detailed focus.

I will ask all kinds of questions that will put you in touch with your issues,
mindset, thoughts and feelings and, most importantly, your  DREAMS.
Finally, I will help you come up with a plan and will STAY WITH YOU
until you make that plan your REALITY.

If you’re not where you want to be in life…
Maybe you feel disappointed in yourself…
Maybe trauma or tragedies are wearing you thin
If you desperately want to break out of your current state
and be happy again…

You need to know three things:
1) There’s always hope.
2) You’re never too old (or young) to turn things around.
3) There’s no shame in acknowledging that you need help.

I’m MindiMeira, a certified life coach through the Fowler International Academy
of Professional Coaching. I’m also a certified E-RYT 500 yoga instructor,
a certified personal trainer, doula and a health coach.

I’ve chosen to focus on areas of life that are all about making people’s lives better.
Do you want to get healthier? Be happier? Have more stability? Loving relationships?
To add meaning and purpose to your life? Connect and figure out what you’re really on earth to do?

Whatever it may be, I’ve found coaching to be the fastest way to bring you the results you
are looking for.  Which is why I developed powerful coaching techniques that will…

 Bring you into the present moment
 Have you start recognizing and handling unresolved issues
 Assist you in designing your ideal future
 Motivate you to take daily actions
 See you achieving everyday successes
 Move you into the beauty and flow of your IDEAL LIFE.

Life’s too short to be constantly battling roadblocks!
If you are overworked, overwhelmed, unacknowledged, out-of- control, anxious, in a
personal crisis or at a crossroads…it’s important to realize that you don’t have to go it alone!

Whatever challenges you are having, whatever obstacles you need to tackle or if you want
a guiding, caring hand to keep you accountable and get you on the right track in life, I
can help you.

But don’t just take my word for it, here are what some of my clients have said about the
service I provide…

MindiMeira has been a WONDERFUL coach, mentor, and inspiration for the last few months
of my life. I was fortunate enough to connect with her through my mom, who also has
gained wisdom and energy from her relationship with Mindi over the years. Every session I
had with Mindi was well balanced with storytelling, workshopping, and resource sharing.
Mindi is a light that only grows brighter by being shared. I am grateful for our time together
and look forward to thinking of our conversations as I continue through life!
– Amy McDowell

Mindi is a wonderful Life Coach and has helped me out of a very stuck point in my life.
Her kind and compassionate manner along with her very highly professional skills have helped
to motivate me and keep me accountable for the choices I am making for my future, while
helping me let go of the things in my past that have held me back from being my best self.
She is a wonderful cheerleader who celebrates my successes with me and keeps me focused
and present in pushing me forward in the quest to achieve my goals and dreams. I would
highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to arrive at their personal best!! Thank
you, MindiMeira, for helping me get my life back on track!”
-Lisa Lucas

Having Mindi Blaxberg as my personal coach has been an amazing experience! … I’m so
grateful for her vibrant approach to unleashing my inner artist ~ helping me explore
strengths, clarify goals, and visualize dreams in living color! Mindi’s certification through
Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching, her background as a dynamic yoga
instructor, and her intuitive heart for healing and recovery ~ all give her a deeper
understanding of what works and motivates in moving you toward optimum health, balance,
and lasting transformation. Mindi is an exceptional life coach, and I can’t recommend her
high enough!”
-Rhonda McDowell

MindiMeira is an exceptional personal coach. I feel energized just thinking about attending
my sessions with her. I leave feeling exhilarated and ready to make the next leap forward in
life. She has many skills, and I especially love the inner child work that she teaches.
-Danielle Storch

Your first step to a better life…

The first step to getting you on a more solid, stress free and happy path in life is for us to
have a conversation. There’s no charge for this twenty-minute call. This way you can get
a feel for whether we’re a good fit for each other.

With me, you’ll have someone who will listen to you (the real you) with searing
attentiveness and detailed focus.  I will ask you questions that will give you answers to what
issues, mindset, thoughts and feelings are holding you back. Plus, you’ll get a clearer
picture of your goals and dreams.

Then, together we’ll come up with a plan and I will be there to support you until you make
your plan your reality.

Sound good?
To get started simply call or text me at 443-527- 1727.

Life Coach
Coaching Your Authentic Self

P.S. Remember, you’re under no obligation.  Take the first step to addressing
and conquering issues in life that are holding you back. Let’s chat. You can reach me at
443-527- 1727 or email to contact me online and set up an appointment.


$297/ 45-75 minute Success session in person or online, minimum 2 sessions.

Success Sessions include discussion of  Goals, Action Steps and Celebrations needed  to achieve desired outcome. Multi-faceted approach
addresses what could be preventing you from achieving goals, or accomplishing steps on your own.

Remit Payment via Cash, Check made out to M Blaxberg, or online Zelle (comes up Arbonne) or to 443-527-1727

Pre-paid Packages:

25 Session Package, $7425 value, $5565 paid by 20th session, $4850 prepaid by 3rd session

15 Session Package, value $4455, $3750 paid by 10th session, $3600 prepaid by 3rd session

10 Session Package,  $2970 value, $2650 paid by 5th session, $2500 prepaid by 2nd session

5 Session Package,  $1485 value, $1400 paid over 3 sessions, $1350 prepaid by 2nd session

Coaching at Client’s Home or Choice of Venue
Client pays travel time plus expenses
Contact MindiMeira at 443-527-1727 to discuss your options and costs.

So, relax. Let’s have a coaching moment together, okay?
What do YOU really want?

​Have you ever even asked yourself this question? Maybe? But probably not!

Why? Because most people accept what life throws at them as if this is the way it is supposed to be, no matter how bland or awful it can get.

Because they are LIVING INSIDE THE BOX and accepted it as real. It’s not real.

YOUR deep desires, dreams, wishes, goals, plans and purpose ARE real. Get that.

So, take a moment.

Actually take in a deep breath and ask yourself, “What do I really want?”

Listen for YOUR answer.  Write it down.

Was it a healthy body? Loving relationships?  A peaceful, quiet getaway? To reverse Cognitive decline? Find meaningful, purposeful work?   TO CONNECT WITH YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE AND CHANGE THE WORLD???

Coaching will bring you the results you are looking for!  Coaching Your Authentic Self  powerful techniques will bring you into the present moment,  where you will start recognizing and handling unresolved issues, designing your ideal future, taking daily actions, achieving everyday successes, and moving into the beauty and flow of your IDEAL LIFE.

If you are overworked, overwhelmed, unacknowledged, out-of-control, anxious, in a personal crisis or at a crossroads…….

You are ready to be Coached!

What are you waiting for?

Make the decision and let’s get started!!

Text  443-527-1727 for a 20 minute Complimentary Consultation.

Let’s start the conversation. The one where you get to figure out who you are, where you are and where you really want to be.

In our first session we’ll explore your life, key relationships, memorable events, career, health, values, what’s working and what’s not, what’s missing and what’s next.

Priorities, strategies and timelines are discussed and an initial agenda is set.  Ideally we’ll schedule 1, 3 or 6 months of forty-five minutes weekly or bi-weekly Zoom or phone sessions to review accomplishments, discuss new challenges or objectives and the actions needed to achieve them.  In-between sessions, texts or quick phone calls are welcomed.

Sincerely looking forward to hearing from you!


And if you’ve read this far, I want you to know, I BELIEVE YOU CAN BREAK FREE from YOUR MOLD!!!!    Here’s some pics of me to inspire you.