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Oct -Nov-Dec 2023 Yoga Class Schedule
 Cozy Zen Pearce Avenue Bmore Studio

            DAY      CLASS          TYPE                     TIME                  DATES

         Mon         COED         GY&M                6:15-7:15pm     Oct 30 Nov 6, 13 Dec 4, 11, 18

        Mon         WO    GY&M and Rest  Mix    8:00-9:00pm     Oct 30  Nov 6, 13 Dec 4, 11 18

GROUP YOGA CLASSES $25       RSVP Required      Schedule Subject to change
WO = WOMENS ONLY            GY&M=Gentle Yoga & Meditation 

6 Class Session (non-transferable)  Value $150, Prepaid $125 

Remit payment via Cash, Check made out to M Blaxberg,
or online Zelle (comes up Bmore LLC) or  https://venmo.com/ to 443-527-1727 

Descriptions of Yoga Classes:
Restorative Yoga:   To relax is to rest deeply while in an awakened state. This type of relaxation differs from sleep. During sleep, we dream and in the dream state we often create muscular tension. During relaxation there is no movement, no effort. The brain is quiet and the adrenals stop preparing the body for fight or flight. Body systems that are not a priority in the immediacy of the stress moment, including digestion, elimination, growth, repair, and reproduction can now resume operation.  Restorative Yoga involves a few, well supported poses, softening and deep relaxation. Come, be nurtured   All levels.
Gentle Yoga and Meditation:   Gentle Yoga and Meditation class focuses on prananyama (breathwork),posture, asanas (poses) and toning/chanting to prepare the mind-body for deeper connection in meditation. Many studies have linked yoga to a broad range of health benefits including cardiovascular health and improved blood pressure. Gentle Yoga and Meditation participants regularly report improved posture, increased flexibility, overall and core strength gains, in conjunction with a sense of calm, balance, and a discovery and return to themselves .  All levels.
Vinyasa/Flow Yoga: Flowing Sequence for endurance, strength and energizing.     Intermediate / Advanced

chakras sukhasana