Descriptions & Benefits of Yoga Classes

Class Size

All classes are limited to a maximum of 10 students in order to provide the best possible teacher to student experience.


Hands-on Yoga pose adjustments offered/provided in all classes if needed.


ALL CLASSES are held in an emotionally safe studio filled with love and eager students!

Coed Yoga

By special request, now offering Coed classes. Bring your husband, partner, father, brother or son. Promotes deep peace-filled family connection.  Combo class (gentle, flow and one restorative pose). All levels.

Gentle/Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Gentle Yoga and Meditation class focuses on pranayama (breath work), posture, asanas (poses) and toning/chanting to prepare the mind-body for toxic release, increased flexibility, better quality of breath and self- connection. Read More About Gentle/Hatha Yoga All levels.

Girl’s Yoga

Yoga  ages 8-12, Includes gentle, flowing and restorative poses. Promotes strengthening, flexibility,confidence, body awareness, focus, centering, balance.  All levels.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga involves a few, well supported poses, guided breath work, physical softening, slow readings, sensory celebrations, return to center, and deep relaxation. Come, be restored, be nurtured. Read More about Restorative Yoga  All levels.

Teen Yoga

Ages 13-17, Includes gentle, flowing and restorative poses. Promotes strengthening, flexibility, body awareness, focus, centering, balance.  All levels.

Vinyasa/Flow Yoga

Flowing Sequence of poses for endurance, flexibility, toning, weight loss, strengthening, centering, energizing and much moreRead More About Vinyasa/Flow Yoga Intermediate and Advanced.

Yoga Nidra

Participants remain in one pose throughout class while a guided healing meditation is read and optional adjustments administered.Excellent for PTSD, anxiety disorders, uptight types. Participants report a sense of peaceful present time consciousness, deep relaxation, rejuvenation and greater quality of sleep .Read More About Yoga Nidra All levels.

Yoga Circle

Admist an intimate circle of fellow Yogis, participants are invited to relate their yoga journey experiences. This class provides students with opportunities to share, gain support and community. All levels.


Yoga for Grieving, Pain & Loss

With poses and readings similar to Restorative Yoga, participants grief, cries and wails are acknowledged as part of the healing process. You do not have to go numb, act “fine” or suffer your pain/loss alone. Come, let it out, let it go in our beautiful safe Bmore studio. Be supported, be nurtured. You can heal. All levels.

Group Yoga Class Rates & Policies

No Drop-ins.  Students must text or call 443-527-1727 to reserve space and make payment arrangements.

Adults: $25/Class  (pay as you go rate)

Sessions: 6 consecutive weeks of  a recurring class (same time every week)
1 Session (1x week) Prepaid (includes 6 Yoga Classes, non-transferable)  Prepaid $125 (that’s 1 FREE class) Then you are prepaid, and can text 4435271727 to register and secure your spot.

Girls/Boys/Teens:  $20/class   $100/6
Siblings  $30/2 siblings     $180/6 classes each

Remit Payment via Cash, Check made out to M Blaxberg, or online Zelle (comes up Arbonne) or to 443-527-1727

Interviewing MindiMeira on Yoga by Ruth Jankowitz

How did you get into yoga?

A friend, Yonah Miriam Schulman suggested I take a class in 2011 and I realized in that first class that I could BREATHE! I realized I felt like I wasn’t breathing outside of Yoga classes. The poses where extremely difficult and challenging at first but being able to be relaxed, still and most importantly breathe, inspired me to want to learn more.

Shoshana Lerner organized a Baltimore based teacher training and brought in Shevi Miller from Silver Spring. I reluctantly joined the  teacher training classes with  no intention of becoming an instructor. I was thrilled to immerse myself in Yoga 10 hours a week because I needed to chill, to reconnect with myself, to discover who I was from the inside and to have a venue to heal my emotional and physical pain.

How did you actually start teaching Yoga?

Before I had even graduated my 200 hour teacher training with Shevi Miller from Yogali  in May 2013,  my main yoga teacher, Nancy McPartland asked me to substitute her classes at the Jewish Community Center. I was 2 parts terrified and 1 part flattered. I did it because she was my friend.

As I shared with a couple of friends that I would  soon be graduating and a certified Yoga Instructor, they asked me to teach a class. So I hesitantly began to teach classes in my basement. I stocked it full of blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters, sandbags, eye pillows, aromatherapy and music. The basement was evolving into a Yoga Studio! Unfortunately, I struggled with panic attacks the first few years I taught. it was very difficult. Thankfully, the feedback from my students always brought me back to the studio, to teaching, to  breathwork, to learning more poses.

Fall 2014  I chose to go even deeper and enrolled in the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at University of Maryland which Nancy McPartland was involved with. I graduated Nov 2016 and Jan 2017 found myself gravitating to and creating an emotionally safe studio; painting the studio inviting colors, accenting with warm lighting, adding whimsical decals, handmade pictures and artwork, filling it with love and eager students! As of September 2017, I have taught over 500 hours of classes!

Now you're teaching 10 or more classes a week! What's your favorite class, pose and thing about teaching?

Favorite Class: Restorative Yoga because I get to show my students how it feels to be unconditionally loved.

Favorite Pose: Shvasana with adjustments for completely being nurtured, supported, nirvana. Bird, cause it took me 3 years to master it. Sun Salutations and Warriors because they make me feel strong, coordinated, invigorated and happy.

Favorite thing about teaching: Feel that it is my calling. Feeling vibrantly connected to myself and others. How refreshed and authentic my students and I feel from the minute they enter the studio, during and after class. Teaching is one of my absolute lifelines!

Special Thank You to all who supported me in becoming an instructor. I quit my Yoga Teacher Trainings and teaching my classes several times. I will never forget how you all supported me!